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September 2, 2020

2nd Sep 2020 @ 11:20 by

Thank you American Fine Wine Competition!

Our 2017 Reserve Petite Sirah hit it right outta the gate with a Double Gold medal from the American Fine Wine Competition in Florida! We were glad this year's competition was able to happen given all the craziness 2020 has brought us! Our Petite Sirah fruit is grown right next door to our vineyard perched high above Dry Creek Valley. Our east-facing hillside promotes acidity retention in grapes and this allows us to pick at peak ripeness while maintaining the balance in this big, bold wine!

For those of you folks out there looking to stock up on this inky, silky, jammy Petite Sirah- stay tuned for our Fall Wine club release! Join the club here

September 1, 2020

1st Sep 2020 @ 14:35 by

It’s great to be back at the Estate!

Our evacuation for West Dry Creek Valley was lifted this weekend and we are back on the Estate! Our Merlot, Malbec and Viognier grapes are tasting lovely!! It sure is nice to return and see such juicy fruit after all this chaos. Thanks again to CAL Fire, ALL organizations and all folks who played a part in defending our homes. Our hearts go out to our neighbors right here in the valley and across the state who have been less fortunate. Let’s help each other out and stay #sonomastrong #californiastrong ❤️

August 25, 2020

25th Aug 2020 @ 12:47 by

John Interviews with NBC Bay Area News' Cierra Johnson

5am August 25, 2020

NBC BAY AREA - "Winery owners of the wine country are very nervous. This is what some of them are saying as they preparing for one of the most crucial times of the year, usually they'd be getting ready for harvest right now! Today in the Bay, Cierra Johnson, live at one winery in Healdsburg this morning. It is squarely in that fire zone:"

Cierra Johnson (NBC): "Yes Good morning. Folks here in Healdsburg have been under that evacuation notice for about a week now, and as the fires would come in, I mean people have just been really nervous for a week. But we are here at Hawley Winery with the owner, Mr. John Hawley, who has really had a birds-eye-view of everything that's going on in this area. I guess initially you've been through this before. How did you feel just knowing that things were picking up so quickly in this area?"

John Hawley, "Well I just worried about it. You know, I wanted to know where the fire was, where it was coming from. Our biggest worry was that it was gonna come across the face of Bradford Mountain, and if it did, it would come down and there are about 40 homes down here, in the trees, places that can be hard to defend, down little dirt roads and so forth. So I just would go up to the fire on a daily basis on this little four-wheeler, and check it out, talk to the fire guys."

Cierra: "What were they saying when you were having that conversation?"

John: "Well it was very serious. I remember going up there I remember it was about 3 or 4 days ago and Fred Peterson, who is a retired firefighter who worked for the Geyservillle Fire Department, kinda headed up the team on this whole road on this side of the mountain. He was coming towards me in his car and I pulled off to the side and he stopped and he looked real grave, and I said, " How's it going" and he said, "Not good." Then I went up and I could see that the flames were all coming up. We had a lot of air support, air support was really fantastic. We had a lot of airplanes coming in including these big 747s, you know, these gigantic things dropping fire retardant. And they did a really terrific job. It was just like a war zone up there; you could see big flames coming up here and flames coming up there, coming up the canyon at Pina Creek and the wind was directing it our way. It was pretty frightening. There was one home owner out there, way out on the edge, had a really great viewpoint. He had built a tower next to his house, for stargazing, and from that tower we could just see the whole area and what was going on. We were just hoping the fire would continue to head south, which is mostly has. Of course it's in danger of a lot of people down this way and the firefighters had to make decisions about you know , well, what areas can we save and what areas are we going to have to let burn."

Cierra: "You mentioned the wind kind of being the rogue issue there, I mean, you know you didn't know which way it was gonna turn. How did it feel knowing that at any moment just with the shift of the wind, you could be at danger- your business could be at danger?"

John: "Well yeah, no, its absolutely a problem, and it's what I worry about and so I try to keep in touch with what was going on with the wind. At first it was coming from the North which was nice because it was blowing all the smoke away from here and we had clear skies here even though we could see billowing smoke heading down that way. Later on, when the winds started blowing from the South, we were a little concerned that it was going to blow the fire around that backside of the mountain, which would have been really impossible to do much about because there is so much fuel there. Like I said, it hadn't burned over since 1972 and it's just a tangle of brush. Fortunately they did a really tremendous job and by yesterday afternoon all that was left back there in a lot of areas was blackened areas, ash and a few smouldering stumps."

Cierra: "Well I'm glad to know that for the most part everything out here is pretty much good and that you were kind of able to keep an eye on everything from your perspective. I mean this has been going on for days now. That first warning was just issued on Wednesday, and here were are just a day away from when that first warning was issued and folks still shaken up from what is going on. We are live out here in Healdsburg. Cierra Johnson for Today in the Bay."

Follow Up Interview:


6AM August 25, 2020
NBC BAY AREA - "We are also watching Sonoma County for almost a week now. Many in the Healdsburg area, they have been in Evcauation warning, not to mention all the Red Flag warnings that we've had as well. But finally, a little bit of relief. Today in the Bay, Cierra Johnson, live from Healdsburg this morning where conditions are said to be starting to improve. Cierra?"

Cierra Johnson: "Yeah, Good Morning, exactly- there has been a lot of aid coming in to help knock down those fires. Those notices were issued, but we thankfully didn't get that lightening and thunder that kept that notice going. Right now I'm in Healdsburg at Hawley Winery with Mr. John Hawley, the owner of this winery, and he's really had a birds eye view, a great perspective from everything going on in this community. I guess starting off, we talked a lot about what you saw last time, but I guess in this half hour- How does this fire impact your business and how does it impact your product?"

John Hawley "Well my son is the winemaker now, though I'm involved. And there is some concern about smoke taint in the grapes because the grapes absorb whatever aromas are where they're growing. Fortunately, though for the most part the fires have been blowing southward that most of the vineyards have been pretty free of smoke and I don't have tremendous fear of it. But I really have no idea what it's - I haven't been out of here in a week and I don't have any idea what it's like to the South, I've heard it's pretty smokey down in Santa Rosa and I suspect in San Francisco and all around the Bay it's - they're breathing our smoke. We've been fortunate that we get a lit of the wines from the north and as you can see it's a little smokey here but it's not bad.

Cierra : " What is the vibe here in town. I mean you've kind of been on pins and needles for a week. What are both the business owners and the residents- what are folks saying out in the community?"

John: "It just seems like it's one thing after another. We got a pandemic, in the wine business that's been rough on us because restaurants are mostly shut down, tasting rooms have been shut down and are just slowly opening. And now of course we got the fire and people are not going to want to come to the wine country, at least not until things clear up. So, it's been difficult and we of course have to do our social distancing. We can't have people coming into a wine bar like we used to so, things have changed and they may continue to be that way. So we're kind of bracing for life isn't gonna be the way it used to be."

Cierra "Exactly well thank you for getting up early with us. That's something we've been hearing a lot is just folks are just bracing for whatever Mother Nature is throwing their way. Cierra Johnson for Today in the Bay."

August 24, 2020

24th Aug 2020 @ 12:27 by

Noon Update: Thanks for the outpouring of support from so many of you! We are still holding strong at the winery! Our home, estate vineyard and winery are still OK! We thank all the firefighters and neighbors involved in the firebreak efforts on Bradford Mountain. Will update with some photos as soon as we can.

August 20, 2020

20th Aug 2020 @ 12:27 by

Update from the Hawley Estate

Thank you for checking in with us! Our team is safe and sound! Here's the scoop for now:

As most of you know, there are several fires in California. The Walbridge Fire is somewhat close to our neck of the woods, which caused an evacuation order for West Dry Creek Valley. Healdsburg proper has not been ordered to evacuate, and our tasting room is currently open for now as we monitor the conditions in town. Out in the valley, some winery crews are still able to get access to their production facilities, including ourselves. From our winery, we can see smoke behind the ridge looking West, but there are still patches of beautiful blue skies. We are plugging away with daily operations as we continue to test grapes for brix levels and maintain a positive outlook regarding the fire.

Winds are expected to shift, but the forecast shows lower wind speeds and slightly cooler temperatures in the next few days. We are so very thankful for the fire crews in our area and all of the first responders in Sonoma County right now. We will simply roll with the punches and do our best to deal with things as they change. We appreciate the outpouring of support from all of our club members, friends and family and we will do our best to keep you updated!

Cheers from the Hawley Team! Stay safe, everyone!

August 18, 2020

18th Aug 2020 @ 15:00 by

2020 Harvest Begins on the Hawley Estate

Sweet and juicy Estate Viognier grapes were the first to be harvested this 2020 vintage! These went straight into the press as whole clusters and will make our 2020 Sparkling Viognier. The morning of August 17th was met with a continuation of the previous day's uncharacteristic thunder and lightning storms and very high humidity. At 5am our vineyard management crew was masked and ready to hustle picking in order to beat the forecast 105 degree temperatures. They started in the Old Vine Viognier block on the north end of our property and finished with the vines near the crush pad. The weather took an interesting turn by showering us with heavy rain, but only for about 30 minutes or so. Jordan and Austin worked the press most of the day while Kristen took pictures and tried to keep June and Sampson pups from eating the grapes. All in all, we begin this harvest season with the same outlook we've had during all this COVID19 craziness- we are grateful to be where we are in the world and in the industry of making delicious wines for all our friends and family.

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June 19, 2020

19th Jun 2020 @ 10:13 by

Heard it Through the Grapevine

New Hawley Membership Referral Program!

We have begun a new referral program for our current wine club members! If you're a member of the Hawley Wine Club, you might have many reasons why you dig our wines, our story, our service or - you name it! We encourage you to spread the word and share with your circle of friends and family the reasons why you are a loyal Hawley Club Member!

Refer a Friend

As a current Hawley Member, if your friends decide to join our club online, have them mention your name and you'll BOTH receive FREE shipping on your next club shipment! Don't forget they need to give us your name! They'll use the "referrer" box on the club sign up form to name you. Have more than one friend to refer? You can stack your referrals to receive free shipping on multiple club orders!

Local Club Members

Don't need to ship? We can offer additional 15% off your next club pick up, in lieu of free shipping!

This offer applies to new referrals after April 1, 2020.
This offer applies to referrers/referred upon confirmation of new membership sign up.
The referrers must be current club members and must be named upon sign up.
This offer applies to UPS Ground rates, not Summer Shipping rates. Upgraded orders must pay the difference in rates.
This offer applies to shipping within the continental U.S. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to UT, KY or MS.

We are excited to offer this deal! We are a very small winery and other restrictions and guidelines may develop. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Contact us: (707) 431-2705 ext 1

June 13, 2020

13th Jun 2020 @ 10:05 by


Hawley Tasting Room & Gallery is OPEN!

The center photo above is a throwback of the Hawley's 10 YEARS AGO opening our tasting room for the first time! We are delighted to announce, after 3 months of being closed, we reopened on Friday June 12th and it was a smashing success! We plan to be open 12-7pm Fridays-Sundays and will be seating indoors and outdoors. Serving award-winning wines and showing new artwork by Dana Hawley! Please note will be following all County Health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID19, including:
Seating at tables at least 6 feet apart
Face masks worn by staff and required for guests upon arrival
Groups will be limited to 10 people or less.

Walk-ins welcome and reservations accepted!
Contact us to reserve your table!

Hawley Tasting Room & Gallery
Fridays - Sundays
36 North Street in Downtown Healdsburg
(707) 431-2705 ext 2

June 3, 2020

3rd Jun 2020 @ 16:53 by

Book A Picnic at the Hawley Estate!

We are excited to announce that our vineyard is now open for reservations!

Book your Outdoor Tasting Experience at Hawley!

The best way to enjoy Hawley Wines is by sipping at the source! Your private tasting will be accompanied with a fresh, artisan boxed lunch meal from Dry Creek General Store. Sip wines from a safe distance and learn about our award winning wines, certified organic vineyard, bountiful garden and towering hop yard!

Private Tour & Picnic $50/person,
or $35/person for Wine Club members

Vine-side Bottle Pick Up

Order your wines online and choose "Pick Up At Winery" at check out! Pick up orders will receive a 10% discount! (Members get additional 10% off pick up orders!)

Hawley Delivered to You

Have your wines shipped safely over the hot Summer months with our "Summer Shipping" method! Our Summer Shipping method delivers via OVERNIGHT shipping so your wines will not be in transit for long! That said, please allow extra time for logistics while we confirm, pack and submit your order to UPS.

Want to get the Club Discount? JOIN OUR CLUB!

We are here to help! If you have any questions please contact us:

Phone: 707-431-2705 ext 1

May 22, 2020

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Sip Hawley Wines all Summer Long!

Hot temperatures won't keep us from shipping award winning wines to your door this season! Our Summer Shipping delivers via UPS Next Day Air at 76% off normal rates!!

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