Summer Newsletter 2018

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Fluffy, white down feathers, indicating youth, still adorn this falcon's head as he is only two months old! Though full grown, he will lose the last of his baby feathers in the coming weeks. John acquired Max from captive breeding and will start training him to hunt this summer! WATCH VIDEO!


Want some cheese with your wine tasting?! We are now offering tasty bites at our downtown location! Our tasting room is boasting a whole new ambiance and extended hours for the season! Friday and Saturday we'll be open until 7:30pm! Wine by the glass? Yes please! No reservations necessary - swing by and say hi! Hawley Tasting Room and Gallery 36 North Street Healdsburg, CA 95448 (707) 473-9500


Bloom has just finished and our vines are adorned with hard, green berry clusters, and lots of them! This year's crop looks fantastic! Hang tight, though, the real magic happens in July and August. In the coming months, these clusters will go through veraison, changing color to reveal their variety. Then, late August and September harvest begins! For updates and awesome behind the scenes harvest photos, follow us on Instagram! FOLLOW NOW


The Hawley Brothers have released their special spice blend for top notch back yard cooking! Our Summer Grilling Gift Set makes it easy to supply your kitchen with tasty pairings! Rock your Hawley pride, pop a cork and start searing! Check out a fantastic recipe for Slow Cooker BBQ Picnic Chicken and more information about our spice blend! WINE PAIRING AND SPICE INFO


Our 2014 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon won Best of Class at the California State Fair! This organically grown wine is a blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. Boasting aromas of black cherries, currants and blackberries. Flavors of red berries, cocoa and cherry cola are backed by toasty vanilla notes and lush tannins! This club exclusive wine will go fast! Click HERE to learn more about our awesome wine club!

Spring Newsletter 2018

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We are honored to announce that our 2015 Oehlman Vineyard Pinot Noir was chosen as Runner Up for this year’s Pinot Cup at Charlie Palmer’s Pigs & Pinot Event in March ( The Pinot Cup judges included Fred Dame - Master Sommelier, Bill Hayes - Wine Category Manager for BevMo, and Ray Isle - Executive Wine Editor for Food & Wine Magazine. Our wine was judged against 60 other world class Pinot Noirs and many were much larger producers than ourselves, so it was an unexpected surprise!


Introducing a new and rightful name for our award-winning Bordeaux-style blend! Broadwing is a term used in Falconry to describe the Buteos species, or larger birds of prey like red-tailed hawks and eagles, which effortlessly glide on the wind with their magnificent wingspan. Much like a Broadwing’s robust body and strong talons, our latest Meritage blend displays a strong backbone and unrivaled distinction. Only THREE barrels were made of this rare and extraordinary release! Displaying a myriad of sumptuous flavors, this beast is worth royalty!
This club exclusive wine will go fast! Click HERE ( to learn more about our awesome wine club!


Open up a properly aged Hawley Bordeaux-syle blend, or Petite Sirah and you'll likely see a dazzling, pigment-dyed cork like this! Sediment is often misunderstood and can actually signify a fine wine that has been properly aged in the bottle. The glittering crystals are actually made of potassium bitartrates, sometimes referred to as "wine crystals." In wine, potassium ions will bind with tartaric acid molecules resulting in potassium bitartrate, also know as cream of tartar. The tartrate crystals form on the cork when wine is bottle-aged. The other sediment is tannin and pigment molecules that combine during aging. They eventually fall from solution and deposit on the cork or side of the bottle, rendering the aged wine extremely smooth and well worth the wait!


Hawley Tasting Room & Gallery opened in 2010 in downtown Healdsburg and has been evolving ever since! This season we are proud to have established a new lounge in our very same space! Luxurious new seating is arranged amongst hand-made wooden tables by our own tasting room manager, Jordan Girkout! We are unveiling our whole new look along with extended hours on the weekends starting in mid May 2018. We invite you and your pals to spend Summer evenings on our front porch; sip our wines AND nibble on charcuterie from our newly-launched menu! Live a bit too far away? Let us know if you would like to send a friend in your place for VIP treatment! 36 North Street Healdsburg, CA 95448 (707)473-9500


2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Hopkins River Ranch
90 points - Wine Enthusiast
Retail $23 ~ Club $19.20

2017 Rose of Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley
90 points - Wine Enthusiast
Retail $23 ~ Club $19.20

2016 Viognier, Sonoma County
90 Points - CA Grapevine
Retail $28 ~ Club $22.40

2015 Pinot Noir, Oehlman Vineyard
Runner Up - Pigs and Pinot!
90 points - CA Grapevine
90 points- Wine Enthusiast
Retail $46 ~ Club $36.80

2015 Cabernet Franc, Dry Creek Valley
91 points - CA Grapevine
Retail $40 ~ Club $32

2015 Reserve Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley
93 Points - Wine Enthusiast
Retail $40 ~ Club 32

Winter Newsletter 2017

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What a wild ride it has been for Harvest 2017. Our harvest began September 2nd with our Sauvignon Blanc and wrapped up with pressing out our Nebbiolo on November 1st. Mother Nature kept us on our toes for eight weeks of excitement, exhaustion and everything in between. We are thankful to be done!


Starting Sunday, October 8th devastating wild fires raged through Napa and Sonoma Counties, about seven miles east and 20 miles south of our winery. The following weeks unfolded restlessly for us with constant evacuation notices and ongoing evacuee support; all while surrounded by ground-based and aerial firefighting. Now, with the fires contained, we focus our efforts on supporting those that lost everything. More than 5,500 homes burned in Santa Rosa and, for perspective, that is double the number of homes that are in our town of Healdsburg. Everyone in our community has friends or family who were directly affected by the fires. We are filled with gratitude for the many local and non-local responders that helped us to fight fires, control traffic and aid with the ample support that our community immediately required. In the coming months, the best way to help is to continue to support Sonoma and Napa businesses and be sure to make plans to visit this beautiful Wine Country!


We are proud to announce the first-ever release of Hawley Cabernet Franc! Cabernet Franc is a Bordeaux variety that is traditionally blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The 2014 Estate Cabernet Franc was so amazing in the barrel that we decided to bottle 100 cases of 80% Cab Franc and 20% Merlot. Our certified organic estate vineyard is only nine acres and of that, less than half an acre is planted to Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc is known for its spice and floral aroma, intense berry fruit and long finish. We blended in a bit of Merlot to enhance the richness of the mid palate. Grab a bottle while you can because we don’t know when we will be bottling the Estate Cabernet Franc again!


Want your favorite family recipe featured in our Wine Club newsletter? The Hawley Recipe Competition continues! We are extending the deadline until January 15th! Send in a favorite family recipe and let us know which wine to pair it with! The winner will receive a special Hawley Apron and our favorite recipes will be featured in upcoming newsletters! Recipes may also be featured in Instagram and Facebook posts so send a selfie or a food pic if desired. Send Recipes to:

For behind the scenes pictures and to stay in the Hawley loop, follow us on Instagram and Facebook


  • DECEMBER 9th – Holiday Party
  • JANUARY 13-14th – Winter Wineland
  • FEBRUARY 17th – Puppy Love
  • MARCH 3rd-4th – Wine Road Barrel Tasting
  • MARCH 10-11th – Club Exclusive Barrel Tasting

Fall Newsletter 2017

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We are very excited about our 2017 wines! This harvest has been a true roller coaster ride. Early bud break and a warm, wet spring season had everyone expecting an early harvest until record-breaking heat waves in July and August impeded ripening. When vines get above 95 degrees, photosynthesizing tends to shut down. John has never seen a harvest this warm in Dry Creek Valley! Luckily, the vines recovered by September and our first grapes were picked on Sept. 2nd; a week later than last year. From that point forward, it’s been all hands-on deck. The winery is bustling with activity from the wee hours of the morning until the sun sets. Our cellar is filled with enticing aromas of fermentation and we look forward to toasting to another great vintage. The harvest moon doesn’t set until all the wines are finished and slumbering away in barrels.


Harvesting of the vines always brings the Hawley family together in celebration and recognition of the beauty and bounty of Sonoma County and, specifically, our own special pocket in the midst of it all. And with the newest little addition to our family, we have even more to celebrate! Meghan and Paul’s baby girl, Bryn, is looking to big cousins Emmy and Hayes for guidance in playtime and mischief, and, like the wines we bottle, our growing family just keeps getting better with age.


Got a favorite Hawley wine pairing? Email us your own special recipe (and photo for bonus points!) The Grand Prize-winner will receive a Hawley apron and will be featured in our December Newsletter! We’re excited to taste what you’ve got cooking! Email recipes and pictures to by November 1st.


  • November 11th – Family Dinner at Monti’s Rotisserie in Santa Rosa, CA

  • December 9th – Holiday Party at the Hawley Tasting Room

  • January 13-14th – Winter Wineland at the Hawley Tasting Room

  • February 17th – Puppy Love Pick Up Party at the Hawley Tasting Room

  • March 3-4th – Barrel Tasting Weekend at the Hawley Tasting Room

End of Vintage Summer Sale 2017

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Retail $32

Special Sale Price $25.60!

$20.48 Founders Club!

$19.20 Fanatics Club!

Pair with our Morrocan Grilled Salmon Recipe


Retail $42

Special Sale Price $33.60!

$26.88 Founders Club!

$25.20 Fanatics Club!

Pair with our Grilled Lamb Skewer Recipe


Retail $35

Special Sale Price $28!

$22.40 Founders Club!

$21 Fanatics Club!

Pair with our Harvest Slider Recipe

Spring Newsletter 2017

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This time of year, Sonoma County vineyards are lush and full with bright, yellow mustard blooming between the vine rows. With all the rain we have had this winter, everything is especially green and wildflowers are popping up everywhere. Tender buds have started pushing from the vine branches and will soon become canes that will produce this year's crop. Since even before our vineyard became certified organic in 2006, we have used cover crops to fix nutrients into the soil and to help control weeds. In November, after harvest, we sow seeds for sweet peas, bell beans, clover, vetch and oat straw. As these plants grow, they absorb nitrogen out of the air. Tilling the cover crop fixes the nitrogen into the soil as well as builds up the carbon, giving the vines nutrients to thrive.


Dana Hawley has been a professional artist for as long as her husband, John, has been a professional winemaker. She has been focusing on plein-air landscape painting for most of her career. She included a giclee print of one of her paintings as a gift to our club members this Spring. 'Waking Vineyard' depicts an old vine Zinfandel vineyard that was once farmed by the Standley family just over the hill from Hawley in Dry Creek Valley. It was painted in April as the vines were just beginning to push green buds from their gnarled arms. We made wine from this vineyard for many years but it has since been sold and replanted. Explore past and current works on Dana's website:


Gifting wines during the Summer months? The heat got you parched? We’ve got you covered! For three years now we have been offering temperature controlled shipping to extreme weather states. We partner with a local third-party shipping company which has a fleet of temp-control trucks. These trucks drive to four gateways across the U.S. The gateways receive the shipments, open them and add fresh ice packs before departing on UPS trucks for the last short leg of the trip. When you’re ready to try sending wines to friends, family, graduates and newlyweds, we are happy to arrange for temp control shipping!


  • July 22nd – Wine’d Up Wine Walk Event

  • July 23rd – 2nd Annual Sip & Paddle

  • July 29th – Family Dinner at Catelli’s in Geyserville, CA

  • October 14th – Harvest Party

  • November 11th – Family Dinner at Monti’s Rotisserie in Santa Rosa, CA

  • December 9th – Holiday Party

Winter Newsletter

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The harvest moon has set on the 2016 vintage. The leaves on the vines have turned yellow and orange and the valley looks aflame. Most of the wines are slumbering in barrels or getting ready for bottling early next year. Many people imagine that once the harvest is over the winemakers all kick back and go on vacation, but Winter is a very busy time in the cellar. There are secondary malolactic fermentations to monitor, blending to work out, and all the wines to get ready for bottling next starting in January. There are some new wines that are bottling up for release next year that we are very excited about: Nebbiolo, Cabernet Franc, and Old Vine Zin along with all the wines we already know and love. We are looking forward to another busy and exciting year!


Menagerie is a collaboration between Paul Hawley and his long-time friend, Anthony DeMaria, who has been a professional mixologist for over ten years. They have been experimenting with bitters, infusions, and aromatized wines for years before bottling the first release in 2016. They bottled four different vermouths using Sonoma County wines as the base, fortified with brandy and infused with a selection of herbs and botanicals.


Hawley Winery is located on Bradford Mountain, overlooking Dry Creek Valley. The winery sits in the middle of the Hawley's 10 acre organic vineyard. Unlike our downtown Healdsburg tasting room, the winery is not setup for drop-in tasting, however we offer a selection of vineyard tours and experiences by reservation and want to encourage you to visit next time you are in town.

Estate Vineyard & Winery Tour
Enjoy a guided walking tour of our organic vineyards, garden, and hopyard. Get the 'behind the scenes' look at our production facility. One hour, between 10am and 3pm. $25 per person. $10 for club members and their friends.

Blending Class
Ever wondered how winemakers come up with amazing blends? Learn, hands on, the basics of blending in the Hawley Cellar. One to two hours, starting at 10am. $65 per person. $45 for club members and their friends.

Vineyard Tour & Picnic
Enjoy a tour of our organic vineyards, garden and hopyard, in addition to a fresh picnic lunch. Picnic includes an artisan sandwich, fresh fruit, side salad, kettle chips, and a sweet treat! One hour, between 10am and 3pn. $50 per person. $35 for club members and their friends.


  • DEC 10th - Holiday Pickup Party

  • JAN 14th-15th - Winter Wineland

  • FEB 18th - Puppy Love Pickup Party

  • MAR 4-5th & 11th-12th - Sonoma County Barrel Tasting

Fall Newsletter

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Early morning picking, late night punch downs, aromas of fermenting grapes; all a part of the harvest experience that we both look forward to and can’t wait until it’s over. 2016 is shaping up to be a fantastic vintage with moderate temperatures, medium crop size and great flavor. Being a small winery and making wine in small lots from single vineyards means a lot more hands-on work and attention to detail, but it also allows for greater control over every step of the process. Many of the decisions affecting the final wine are made during harvest and fermentation so this is the most important and busiest time of the year for winemakers. We don’t get much rest but the excitement of harvest keeps us going. The harvest usually starts winding down in October with the last grapes to be picked being Petite Sirah and Nebbiolo. The harvest moon will be setting soon and we will be celebrating with a frosty brew!


John’s new Goshawk, named Happy, is becoming a great hunter. This spring he will lose the brown juvenile plumage and emerge dark gray. His eyes will also change color to red-orange. John trains with him daily, flying in the vineyard after a lure. He started hunting game birds, like pheasant, this winter and Happy is proving to be a good hunter. The mews, or hawk house, sits above the vineyard where Happy keeps a close eye out for rabbits that sneak in to the vineyard for a nibble on the fresh buds.


Paul planted 1/4 acres of hops next to the winery and has been using them in his beer at Fogbelt Brewing Co. This year he banded together other local small-scale hop farmers to start the NorCal Hop Growers Alliance. The group raised money and bought a hop picking machine that made this year’s harvest much easier. Sonoma County was once one of the nation’s most important hop growing regions and they hope to bring it back.


John Hawley left Kendell-Jackson in 1996 to start Hawley Winery and crush his first vintage of Viognier and Merlot from the estate. While working on projects in France, he had envied the lifestyle of the small producers in Burgundy and thought it would be a welcome change of pace from the stress of running production at a large facility. John admittingly underestimated the amout of work it takes to start and run a small winery and vineyard. He single-handedly ran Hawley until 2005, when his sons, Paul and Austin, started helping full-time. This year John is taking a back-seat and letting Austin run harvest. He plans to take on more of a consulting winemaker role and let his boys take over the day to day winery operations. Of course, he still lives right up the hill from the winery so he can still holler at us from the deck. Nobody knows what the next 20 years will bring but it is sure to be celebrated with lots of great Hawley wines! See you at the 20th Anniversary Harvest Party!

Spring Newsletter

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The vineyards are blanketed with radiant yellow mustard flowers. The cover crop, once waist high, is tilled into the soil to provide nutrients to the vines. Buds are pushing and shoots are reaching out from the grapevines. Everything is fresh and growing. We have had a wet March and the rain has done a lot to alleviate the drought. The vines are happy and ready to kick off the growing season.


John’s new Goshawk, named Happy, is becoming a great hunter. This spring he will lose the brown juvenile plumage and emerge dark gray. His eyes will also change color to red-orange. John trains with him daily, flying in the vineyard after a lure. He started hunting game birds, like pheasant, this winter and Happy is proving to be a good hunter. The mews, or hawk house, sits above the vineyard where Happy keeps a close eye out for rabbits that sneak in to the vineyard for a nibble on the fresh buds.


The old saying in the wine business rings especially true at Hawley. Paul and Meghan Hawley’s small brewery, Fogbelt, celebrated its second anniversary and has begun bottling and distributing locally. The taproom is often packed and the kitchen is serving up some amazing plates. They are getting ready to release their first barrel aged sour beer, aged in old Zin barrels with late harvest Zinfandel grapes.


Austin Hawley started working full-time at the winery, with his dad and brother, after graduating college in 2006. After ten vintages working alongside his dad, Austin has been taking over winemaking at Hawley Winery. He is proud of the new wines and excited to share them. John is still at the winery every day, but it’s not easy to just stop doing something that has been your life for 40 years; especially when you still live on the vineyard! 2016 marks Hawley’s 20th vintage and the 1996 Merlot from the estate is still tasting fantastic! The winery has come a long way from the one-man-show that John ran for 10 years before Paul and Austin joined him, but the one thing that has stayed the same is the passion to make great wines.