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February 23, 2021

23rd Feb 2021 @ 14:46 by Kristen

Bottling Success!

Last week we bottled several different wines and the experience was a complete success! Any winemaker knows that, though bottling day is the culmination of many, many months of hard work, it's not worth celebrating until every last bottle is safely sealed, labeled and en route to storage. Meaning, a lot can happen and a lot of new hurdles can pop up as we prepare the bottling line, and most times it's not the easiest experience.

Thursday we began with our 2018 Broadwing (Meritage blend), which boasts a beautiful silk-screened bottle, followed by a very small lot of Estate Cabernet Franc, our 2018 Merlot, and 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. Thursday afternoon we continued with the 2019 Reserve Rockpile Zinfandel and a new 2018 Raptor Rescue Old Vine Zinfandel! We are very excited about the Raptor Rescue Zin, a wine of which, upon release, proceeds will benefit California's Raptor Rescue Center. Friday brought the 2019 Estate Zinfandel and 2019 Old Vine Zinfandel from Alegria Vineyard. The Alegria Zinfandel was sold out of the barrel in 2020 as a Futures Release, and we will fulfill those pre-paid orders in October, when the bottles have had a chance to rest properly.

All in all, a great day and we could not have done it without the expertise of the NorCal Bottling line and Clendenan Vineyard Management crew members who helped with the assembly line. We documented as we went and compiled a great video for you to get a window into what bottling looks like for a small winery like us. NorCal bottling line was brought in late on Wednesday night, so that we could get a fresh 6am start on Thursday. Nice, long, 12-hour days, last minute glass deliveries, errands into town for corks and case labels- all of the effort and hustle wrapped up into about 20+ pallets of beautifully labeled new-born Hawley wines.

Hawley Wine Club members always get first access to our wines and exclusive access to the smaller lots. Check out our wine club here to learn more. Our members make all of this possible!