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January 2019

15th Jan 2019 @ 17:25 by Kristen


The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is the largest wine competition in Northern California! We are very excited to announce that our following wines came back with double-gold medals:

2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Hopkins River Ranch, Russian River Valley
2017 Chardonnay, Hopkins River Ranch, Russian River Valley
2017 Zinfandel, Treborce Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley

FUN FACT #1: All three of these wines are planned for release in our April 2019 wine club allotment! Not yet a member of the Hawley Wine Club? That's an easy fix...

FUN FACT #2: Our die-hard Ponzo Zinfandel Fans learned really quickly that the Treborce Zin would be a stellar stand in! Well who'd a thought it would be such a ham?? Good thing lots of folks stocked up with this double-gold medal winner as a FUTURES wine last March 2018 and purchased it at nearly wholesale pricing! Would you like to learn more about buying Hawley wines at 30-35% off? Join our mailing list! or Check out our events page to get details about Barrel Tasting 2019!


January can be pretty dreary in a vineyard, but since we plant a cover crop and, additionally, because we don't use Roundup or other herbicides, we are seeing wildflowers pop up all over! Seeds for our cover crop are planted in November each year after harvest. Planting a cover crop helps us to enrich our soil naturally; we plant oat straw, vetch, sweet peas, bell beans, clover, and many other nitrogen fixing plants. Once mature, usually in April, these plants are tilled into the soil to provide more nutrients for our organic vineyard. We have been enjoying a downpour of rain this week and look forward to seeing our cover crop grow nice and tall these next couple of months!