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Spring Newsletter 2017

24th May 2017 @ 14:15 by Kristen


This time of year, Sonoma County vineyards are lush and full with bright, yellow mustard blooming between the vine rows. With all the rain we have had this winter, everything is especially green and wildflowers are popping up everywhere. Tender buds have started pushing from the vine branches and will soon become canes that will produce this year's crop. Since even before our vineyard became certified organic in 2006, we have used cover crops to fix nutrients into the soil and to help control weeds. In November, after harvest, we sow seeds for sweet peas, bell beans, clover, vetch and oat straw. As these plants grow, they absorb nitrogen out of the air. Tilling the cover crop fixes the nitrogen into the soil as well as builds up the carbon, giving the vines nutrients to thrive.


Dana Hawley has been a professional artist for as long as her husband, John, has been a professional winemaker. She has been focusing on plein-air landscape painting for most of her career. She included a giclee print of one of her paintings as a gift to our club members this Spring. 'Waking Vineyard' depicts an old vine Zinfandel vineyard that was once farmed by the Standley family just over the hill from Hawley in Dry Creek Valley. It was painted in April as the vines were just beginning to push green buds from their gnarled arms. We made wine from this vineyard for many years but it has since been sold and replanted. Explore past and current works on Dana's website:


Gifting wines during the Summer months? The heat got you parched? We’ve got you covered! For three years now we have been offering temperature controlled shipping to extreme weather states. We partner with a local third-party shipping company which has a fleet of temp-control trucks. These trucks drive to four gateways across the U.S. The gateways receive the shipments, open them and add fresh ice packs before departing on UPS trucks for the last short leg of the trip. When you’re ready to try sending wines to friends, family, graduates and newlyweds, we are happy to arrange for temp control shipping!


  • July 22nd – Wine’d Up Wine Walk Event

  • July 23rd – 2nd Annual Sip & Paddle

  • July 29th – Family Dinner at Catelli’s in Geyserville, CA

  • October 14th – Harvest Party

  • November 11th – Family Dinner at Monti’s Rotisserie in Santa Rosa, CA

  • December 9th – Holiday Party