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2008 Viognier, Sonoma County

2008 Viognier, Sonoma County

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This Viognier reminds me of fruit cocktail; it mingles honeysuckle, pineapple, peach, apricot and tangerine with a tropical aroma. The mouth feel is smooth and rich with a long fruity finish. Native to the slopes of France's Rhone Valley, the Viognier grape is especially well suited to our California climate. We sourced fruit for this wine from two vineyards in Sonoma County. A portion of the blend comes from our estate vineyard where we have been growing Viognier since 1983 (certified organic in 2002). We find that the warmer climate on the hillsides of Dry Creek Valley helps to develop tropical fruit and tangerine notes. The other vineyard is located on West Side Road, just 10 miles South of us in the Russian River Valley. The slightly cooler temperatures bring out citrus and apricot flavors in the grapes. What really makes our style of Viognier unique is, of course, the winemaking. John Hawley has used the French style as a launch-pad and has added 30 years of experience making California wines. "The barrel fermentation and secondary fermentation processes are extremely vital to the development of roundness in the body, complexity in the mouth-feel and a lingering fruity finish", John explains. But, one need only take one sip to know why we have won 'Best of Class' at the State Fair for five yeas in a row!

StyleBarrel Fermented
AppellationSonoma County
DrinkableThrough 2011
Harvest Date2008-08-30