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2011 Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel, Standley Vineyard

2011 Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel, Standley Vineyard

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The Standley family has been farming in Dry Creek Valley for generations. Nobody knows for certain when the Old Vine Zinfandel block was originally planted. Tom Standley just knows that his grandmother remembers the vineyard on the hill overlooking the valley being there when she was a little girl. The gnarled vines are only two feet tall and produce 1/4 ton per acre, when a normal crop would be at least 3 tons.

Different growers will always argue over the merits of old vines vs. young vines. As a vine ages, it becomes less productive. When vines produce less fruit, the flavors are more concentrated in the fruit that they do produce. Many will say that a young vineyard farmed correctly can produce the same result. Whatever you believe, it’s hard to argue with that unique Old Vine character that you just can’t find in young vines.

Those of you who have tasted our old vine zinfandel would agree that this wine speaks for itself. 2011 fruit forward and silky smooth in the finish as it has been in previous years. Notes of brown spices and cocoa accentuate aromas of raspberry, cherry and red licorice. Drink this wine with a hardy meal and save a glass for dessert. Enjoy now through 2018. Cheers!

AppellationDry Creek Valley
DrinkableThrough 2018
Harvest Date2011-09-22