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2012 Zinfandel, Love Vineyard

2012 Zinfandel, Love Vineyard

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As a falconer, I have become increasingly involved with the raptor (birds of prey) community. Over the past year, I have been rehabilitating a Peregrine Falcon. The young falcon had broken his wing and his outlook seemed hopeless, but a compassionate person brought the bird to the California Foundation for Birds of Prey. There, a skilled veterinary surgeon operated on the falcon’s wing and inserted steel pins in the broken bones. I have worked with the falcon for over a year now, performing exercises to build his strength and hunting skills. The beautiful Peregrine is now flying free daily, and I will hopefully be returning him to his home in nearby Lake County. This 2012 Zinfandel is a celebration of the great work of CFBP and other organizations like them who help these amazing animals. A portion of the proceeds of every bottle we sell will be donated to California raptor rehabilitation and rescue programs. The wine is silky-smooth with flavors of cherries, strawberries, and plums backed by hints of vanilla and nutmeg spice. Enjoy now.

AppellationRussian River Valley
DrinkableThrough 2016
Harvest Date2012-10-12