Florence Scientific Wine Decanter Flask

If you know the periodic table isn't something you fold away after a picnic; if you know the water cycle isn't something you'll find Sir Bradley Wiggins sitting on; and if you know that Van Der Graaf generator isn't just a '60s prog rock band from Manchester, then the chances are....you're a science boffin, which means the chances are you'll recognize this Florence Flask from those heady days in your Chemistry, Physics and Biology classes. Made of (food safe) science grade borosilicate glass, this 1000ml carafe brings science chic into the home. There are numerous uses for the flask: vase, wine decanter, water jug and more. Yes, this Florence Flask Glass Carafe is unashamedly scholarly, nerdy and undeniably cool.

Measures approximately 20 cm x 11 cm in diameter.

Warning: Hand wash only.