Private Reserve Wine Preserver

Help prevent oxidation of fine wines, liqueurs, and even cooking oils and vinegar with this wine preservation system from Private Preserve. Made in the USA, every component of the Private Preserve Wine Preserver is recyclable. Rated the number one wine preserver worldwide, this system uses a unique blend of inert, non-toxic, FDA approved, tasteless, medical grade and non-volatile gases to create a blanket over the wine's surface to keep it in the perfect state.

Unlike other vacuum preservation systems, the combination of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen will not strip the bouquet of the wine and displace all oxygen to prevent spoiling. Simply place the extension tube in the bottle opening with the cork on top and follow the recommended doses on the can to remove all the oxygen. Once finished, quickly remove the straw and press the cork tightly in place.

(Please note that a full bottle feels empty, but contains gas for 120 full uses.)