Wine Club Order Customization

A Step by Step Guide

1. Using Firefox or Chrome browser, go to Note: Our website is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

2. If it is your first time logging in, click the 'Reset Password' tab and enter the email address that received the original allocation email. Choose your new password.

3. Once you are signed in to your account, click the link in the green banner across the top of the page that says "click here to edit your order." If you do not see this banner, call us at (707) 431-2705 ext 1 as we may be waiting to hear from you regarding special notes on your account.

4. At this point, you will see your suggested club selection. If you want to switch bottles or add bottles, then simply adjust the quantity of bottles you would like from the list of available wines. Note: Founders Members must choose at least 4 bottles total and Fanatics Members must choose at least 12 bottles total- however, feel free to add as many bottles as you like!

5. Click 'Submit Allocation Order' and you're done with the custom order! All club discounts and any applicable shipping deals will be applied and you will receive an invoice when your shipment is processed. NOTE: If you do not hear back from us with a confirmation email within 12 hours, make sure to email us directly or call (707) 431-2705 ext 1 as your custom order may not have gone through.

If you are still having trouble with the site, we can help! Wine Club (707) 431-2705, ext 1

Cheers and thank you for supporting our small, family winery!